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I see yoga as a moving meditation that teaches our minds to be present and aware, opens our hearts and bodies, and unifies us in a common dance.  I trained in the YogaWorks methodology, which forms its base from a combination of ashtangaIyengar, and viniyoga.  These three pillars focus on building strength and flexibility; creating proper, safe alignment; and taking individual bodies, injuries, and needs into account. In addition to asanas, we practice meditation and pranayama, and share philosophies, experiences, favorite things, and good times. 


SATTVA represents our in-between, our Happy Place quietly living betwixt the all-too-common racing in hyper-speed and crashing with depletion... between caffeination and sedation... the sugar rush and the hypoglycemic fall out. Sattva is the mindful choice to ride gentle wavelengths rather than being thrown by tsunamis or ferried off to sea by rip tides.

It is my daily intention, finding the BALANCE between family and friends, passions and parenting, obligations and indulgences, serving and receiving.  In motherhood, I have learned the importance of the Village, the community in which we bond with, learn with, and support one another.  As I aspire to live the most genuine and balanced lifestyle possible, sharing this intention and learning how others journey toward balance is what fuels me.  Our common goals strengthen us, and our differences teach us open-mindedness and compassion.  This is the Village... a place where we can be just who we are, right where we are.  In this insanely fast-paced world and highly competitive society, let's help ourselves and the next generation by taking a step back, a step in.  Let's learn to listen.  Let's find that balance.  A village is nice; a balanced village is bliss.

Rock Balancing

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