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Resources for LIVING, because it takes an effing village.


Working with Aimee has been a life changer for me. If you experience any of the following: fatigue, gut/digestive issues, insomnia, brain fog, weight issues, skin issues, joint pain/stiffness, mood swings, cravings, headaches, and everything else under the moon, there is an excellent chance you are consuming something in your diet that is doing more harm than healing. Make sure what you consume isn't consuming you right back. Get curious about your health and bodily functions. Check out Aimee's Restart Classes (once a week meetings for 5 weeks including a 21-day sugar detox, open-honest-compassionate-support-group-style classes that feel like an awesome bookclub meeting plus health class all wrapped up with a warm blanket and a cuppa tea). DO THIS FOR YOURSELF. For even deeper evolving, Aimee also offers Restart graduate groups and intensive individual nutrition consulting work. She's always studying, learning more and offering more, so pin her website and check in often for updates. Cannot recommend her offerings highly enough.


Need some one-on-one support to get you started on your self-care journey as a woman? Alexis can help you unearth YOUR meant-to-be vitality that might be hiding beneath anything from stress at work to a junk food cluttered pantry to a food sensitivity to a challenging relationship. Dig in and discover your optimal dietary needs and get informed about your immune system, lifestyle diets, hormone imbalances, work life balance and everything in between. Manifest the healthiest life you can imagine. It's right there... now reach out and grab it.


If you have 967 markers (mixed in with broken pencils, legos, blow pop wrappers and most of a deck of cards) that need testing, lidding and sorting, or a closet filled with cavorting costumes, cleats and candlesticks, these gals can help you; they power through organizing projects with purpose and voracity. Whether you're really under water and need an entirely new organizational system or just require some monthly maintenance to keep you on track, Spiffy Chicks can help. Amazingly, they are working virtually right now while SIP-ing and have had rad results teaching clients to practice their magical art form one-on-one right over Zoom. And... drumroll... it's all gratis during quarantine.


Thanks to SIP, the world has been invited to unearth her creative side. Amy came into this world already intensely in tune with her visionary side, so introverting out and diving headfirst into magical projects at home is totally her jam. Lucky us, because she is now offering SIP Mala Making Workshops over Zoom! Prepare yourself for a new fun thing to do with folks over a glass of wine, a kombucha or a cuppa tea in the witching hours of the day. In the end, your parting favor is the uniquely-yours mala which can be used as mediation tool or worn as a necklace, created by your own hands and infused with your intention and care. So lovely. Bring your mala to yoga class and stay for 5 minutes at the end to meditate together.


What do handbags have to do with yoga, you ask? I met Debra, designer of The Cass Clutch, for the first time in a yoga class 9 or 10 years ago. She is sooo incredibly gifted in so many ways, and yet her creativity trickles out into the world in the most subtle and humble of ways. This alone puts her on my list of wellness gurus, because her way in the world is a lesson in thoughtfulness and tenderness, in and of itself. Plus she makes rad handbags, and - perfect for anyone who lives in notoriously pocketless yoga pants - she makes gorgeous pouches that can be worn all day like an accessory with any of her cool cross body straps (OR get creative and turn your Cass pouch into a fanny pack with a short strap or belt). I LIVE in mine, and it's perfect for a set of keys, your cell, face mask, mini hand sanitizer and your favorite Beauty Counter lipstick. Strap one on, baby.


Although Jen is not in our yoga village (I'm working on her), she IS in my awesome amie village, and she finds her zen a different way... organizing. She also uses her business as a resource to make money for the purpose of helping others, donating a portion of her earnings to Hope Solutions which helps homeless families get on their feet, and to Meals on Wheels which provides loving support, food and companionship for invalid seniors. Lovely. I'm not sure I've ever known anyone as passionate about organization as Jen. If you are looking for someone to help you with your scariest stashes, most masterful messes, or those drawers you don't let anyone open, Jen's your girl. She can turn a pantry into a work of art. The two of you will dive into what's working and what's not and talk through how to make your spaces function efficiently for you and your family. Plus if you ask, she can play (and school you on) obscure 80's and 90's alt music and teach you some of her favorite French words. Merveilleuse!


Jen has a certain energy that refuses to be stagnant and she's constantly evolving and reinventing her story. I'm so excited for her next chapter, teaching yoga and raising the vibration of everyone in her path. Jen's background in music and her whole tribal-drum-circle-situation (AWESOME) influences her teaching. She offers a variety of class types and times (later morning and early afternoon to include her Aussie pals in their time zone). So fun. So global. So VILLAGE. Her Zoom deets are on her spankin' new site.


I could tell you all about the plethora of harmful chemicals banned from the skin products in Europe and the sparse number of those banned here in the US by our FDA. I could tell you about our skin being the largest organ of our bodies and how coating our skins in said chemicals is a crap idea. I'm gonna let Jenny do it though, cause she has the facts and the passion to really help you digest the dire state of skincare in our country and the resources to invite you to join our collective revolution, evolution, into alternative skincare and beauty regimens. If you don't already know Jenny, you'll love her friendly enthusiasm. Let her hook you up with Beauty Counter's latest and greatest.

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