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If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.

-Mother Teresa



I struggle to feed my 4 kids. I struggle because they each like/hate/tolerate different food groups, flavors and textures. I struggle because I'm better at picking and chopping than planning and shopping. I struggle because I'd rather wing it than follow a recipe, which inevitably leads to anxiety and inconsistency. I struggle because I take it personally if the peeps don't like what I'm offering. I struggle with I struggle because the women who came before me left big shoes to fill in the kitchen. These struggles are personal and perhaps also familiar. They are real struggles.

What I do not struggle with, however, is being financially ABLE to feed my 4 kids. My issues are behavioral, mental, emotional. What must it be like to struggle financially to feed your littles? How could a mother or father even begin to worry about things like organics, food pyramids or even mild allergies when 

HOWEVER.   A portion of every booking goes to No Kid Hungry. I compWe are all struggling in one way or another right now. Most of us, however, are still able to feed our children. Please consider whether or not you are able

Donate to No Kid Hungry!

Feeling grateful for yoga, for your pantry or your job? Feeling full of love and compassion for those who are navigating the direst of straits right now? Desperate to help but don't know how to do it while you're homeschooling your 17 children?

d.) ALL of the above?

D O N A T E.


A typical class of mine is $20 per person, or $80 for a private. However... times, we can all agree, aren't (at all) typical. I'm thrilled to be able to offer classes to you, for now, on me. AND I'm even more thrilled to have found an avenue down which to direct our collective good-will and altruism. Enter No Kid Hungry. Please keep in mind that donating is optional. The LAST thing I want is for anyone to stop showing up to their mat because of any guilt about not being in a position to donate right now. Truly. Do what you can. No one is keeping score. We are ALL in this lifeboat together, in one way or another, so save yourself first if you're drowning, then lend a hand if and when you've got a free one to lend.


Use the button below to GIVE. I highly suggest keeping it one-time-super-simple and utilizing the option on NKH website to make recurring monthly payments. Think of it as a monthly membership to classes... with a write off. Do you drop in once a month? Once or twice a week?

THANK YOU for being such amazing people and for living IN ALIGNMENT with your values and intentions. Sending love, prayers, well wishes and the tightest virtual hugs ever.

xo beverly jane


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