Just got my MRI results... drumroll... completely ruptured my ACL, and my MCL is mostly torn and hanging on by a thread. Inside the knee joint, I have bone lesions/impaction fractures from the hard impact between the tibia and femur at the knee joint (impact fractures to lateral tibial and medial femural condyles, to be exact, because now I know what those are... yay!). Hemarthrosis in the joint (internal bleeding). Edema. Dr. said it was a 5 star injury, so I’m winning! I have to heal for a couple of weeks before surgery because of all the damage in there. Good times. Actually, it’s a great time to be burying myself in my anatomy books... learning so much! For example, contrary to popular thought, the knee is NOT just a hinge joint... it’s got gliding and rotational components. It’s a hybrid! (Nerd moment) More “Experimental Anatomy” than I bargained for, but it’s even more interesting now.

I’m in good spirits and feel so very grateful for all the love and support coming my way. I told my mom today that I’ve talked on the phone more in the last week than I have in the last year, and I think that that may actually not be much of an exaggeration. Nice to sloooow down and sit and visit. And nap. I’m well covered with meals, rides, herbal remedies and flowers... amazing... find myself in awe again and again at the kindness and the generosity of this community, especially the generosity of time and energy, any parent’s 2 most valuable resources.

My kiddos and hubby will likely take the biggest hit as far as life becoming an exhausting logistical nightmare for the next few months without me driving and cooking, so thanks to all of you who are taking care of THEM with your love, play dates and casseroles.

So grateful.💜